Hit Super Jackpot

Current value of the HIT SUPER JACKPOT: 51.746,04 €

Always high and attractive
Shared progressive jackpot at the Korona, Perla, Park, Drive-in, Aurora, and Mond

FASTER-growing amount
STRONGER link between the Hit Universe of Fun Centres

At the Hit Centres Korona, Perla, Park, Drive-in, Aurora, and Mond, a shared progressive jackpot, named Hit Super Jackpot, awaits you. To compete for the shared jackpot, which starts at € 50,000 and grows through play at all the slots linked to the progressive, play the Tree of Wealth slots in any of the six Hit Entertainment Centres. The authors of these slots have also created many other successful games, the Duo Fu Duo Cai among them.

We are better together! With more slots and more players competing for the jackpot, its amount grows faster, thus reaching really high wins. The Hit Centres Perla, Park, Drive-in, Aurora, Korona, and Mond are therewith even more tightly connected and your chances for a vertiginously high win are better than ever. So take your chance!

Darinka Jerala
Head of Marketing Darinka Jerala

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