Thai massage in the wellness centre

Thai massage in the Korona wellness centre (2nd floor)

Discount for Privilege card holders:
black = 20%,
gold = 10%,
silver = 5%

Hours of operation: daily from 10am to 10pm

Information and booking: +386 41 745 746
*Mandatory reservation

The wellness centre remains closed until further notice.


Traditional Thai massage is an ancient massage practiced in Thailand for 2500 years. It combines acupressure (applying pressure for certain body parts), stretching (passive yoga) and treatment of energy lines and meridians (each meridian has an influence on the physical body and its internal organs) along the body. Thai massage is much more than just a body treatment. Applying pressure on certain points on the body increases the energy flow through energy lines and removes imbalances in the body. Thai massage preserves health and strong energy lines. The client is fully clothed during the massage which does not include oils. 


Permanent contour is a unique stamp massage following an innovative approach. The pads filled with natural ingredients, the precious oils and the constant temperature promise an unforgettable experience. This treatment successfully complements the traditional stamp massage with the latest massage treatments findings and the excellent technique of the treatment device. Only pure, natural products such as dried blossoms, natural Alpine herbs, seaweed, medicinal mud etc. are used in the treatment. The addition of carefully selected nourishing oil mixtures complements this care treatment. This technique has the advantage of providing a consistent temperature during the whole treatment process, taking the stamp massage to the next level. 


Relaxing therapeutic treatments in the Soft Pack system in the weightlessness of the body, at a temperature of 37°C. The treatment and the sensation of dry floatation in the pleasantly warm water bed – SOFT PACK will ensure that your body relaxes. Pamper yourself with rest and relaxation for the body and for the soul.


For better result we recommend a combination of the Soft Pack treatment with a massage of your choice. 


Darinka Jerala
Head of Marketing Darinka Jerala

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