Acquire membership in the Privilege club

Members of the Hit Privilege club collect their points faster through numerous, also non-casino activities. You will be able to collect points in all Hit casinos, restaurants, hotels, the Perla Spa, the Hittours travel agency, and the Hit Sports Centre.
You can redeem these points at casinos, restaurants, hotels, the Perla Spa, for purchasing gifts from the Hit catalogue and occasional promotions (exchange of points for freeplay).


    Some suggestions how to redeem your points:
  • 80 points – self-service menu in the Drive-in Casino Restaurant
  • 140 points – brunch in the Sabotin and Lipa Hotel Restaurants
  • 140 points – 2-hour swimming in the pool of the Perla Spa on weekdays
  • 224 points – 10-minute solarium in the Perla Spa
  • 280 points – complimentary € 10 to be used in any Hit Restaurant
  • 360 points – self-service meal in any Perla Casino Restaurant

Get your membership today! For more information please contact or personnel.

Franjo Leban
Head of slot machines Franjo Leban