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The Korona offers 19 gaming tables in a cosy ambiance with a rich offer of games. The polite and friendly personnel make every visit into a pleasant experience.  
Bingo enthusiasts also get their share of fun. On Saturdays and Sundays Bingo is played not once, but twice in the same evening.  
To make the guests fully enjoy their time at the Korona, the kind valets serve refreshing drinks to the guests at the gaming tables and slots. There are also four comfortable smoking areas within the casino area.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em originated in American saloons. It is very popular among casino guests, because it offers both entertainment and high wins. 

Min. bet: € 5
Max. bet: € 100

American Roulette

The undisputed queen of adrenaline pleasure in the casino.  Simple, full of fun, exciting, ideal to play with friends. It is also suited to complete beginners.

Min. bet: € 1
Max. bet € 200

Hit Progressive Draw Poker

The Hit Draw Poker is one of the best card games for beginners. 

Why this game? Because you don‘t need to pay attention to what other players are doing and to what cards they might have.  You play against the Croupier and he will always play by the rules.

Min. bet: € 2
Max. bet: € 300

Black Jack

Exciting, fairly simple, the most popular casino game!

Min. bet: € 5
Max. bet: € 500

Double deck blackjack

Try Double Deck Black Jack; it is similar to Black Jack, but it offers more excitement.

Min. bet: € 5
Max. bet: € 500

Midi punto banco

If you have already played Mini Punto Banco, then Midi Punto Banci is the perfect challenge for you.

Min. bet: € 20
Max. bet: € 2.500

House money blackjack

The exciting House Money Black Jack is an additional bet at Black Jack.

Min. bet: € 5
Max. bet: € 500
House Money max. bet: € 50


Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 2am
Friday: 3pm – 3am
Saturday: 2pm – 3am
Sunday: 2pm – 2am

Gordana Al Tinawi
Head of gaming tables Gordana Al Tinawi

Korona is renown for relaxed atmosphere and complaisant staff that is always at your service. Be sure that your gaming table experience will be enticing, different, special. Every day we strive to make the already alluring gaming tables even more exciting. We regularly organize tournaments and prize games that spice up the fun.
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